17Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. (James 2:14-26)


On December 30,1973, I hurt my back very badly. I experienced excruciating pain and couldn’t straighten up. I could barely talk, and my shoulder blades were nearly touching each other. It was the night before I was to be ordained into the ministry, and all I could think about was what a terrible testimony this would be at my ordination.

I prayed in faith that I was healed, and then I began to resist the pain and the devil by acting on my prayer of faith. I did push-ups, deep-knee bends, bent over and touched my toes, and anything else I didn’t feel like doing. There was improvement, but I didn’t have a total release. I took a shower and was washing my hair to get ready for the service. It hurt terribly to bend my head under the spout, but I knew I was healed and was determined to act like it. In between the first and second rinse, all the pain left, and I was completely normal.

Imagine a person in a burning building. They believe they will die if they don’t get out of the building, but they just sit there. That is crazy, isn’t it? Likewise, faith without the proper action isn’t genuine faith at all. We must act according to what we are believing. In my case, I needed healing in my back, so I used my back as though I was already healed because I was!

People who say they believe God for prosperity, but don’t give, are deceiving themselves. A person who says, “I’m healed,” but continues to act sick and dwell on their symptoms, is killing whatever faith they have. A person who intercedes for someone and then worries whether anything will ever happen is not acting in faith. True biblical faith must be acted upon. Therefore, act on what you believe today.