²ºWherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Matthew 7:12-20)


The way you can tell whether or not a person is genuine is by the fruit they produce. This fruit is their lifestyle. Jesus made the point that you don’t get bad fruit from a good tree, and you don’t get good fruit from a bad tree. Many people say one thing, but their actions speak the opposite so loudly that you really can’t hear what they are saying. If you are in doubt about receiving or following someone, look at the fruit they are producing.

In evaluating ministers and ministries, more attention should be given to the fruit they are producing. Fruit is the true test of ministers and ministries. If people are being saved, if lives are being changed, there is good fruit. Even though the minister may say something bad and make mistakes, the fruit is good. Therefore, you can say that the tree is good.

Every minister has shortcomings, just as every other member of the body of Christ does, but that doesn’t mean their ministry is bad. When they say all the right things and seem sincere, but the lives of the people around them are shattered, torn, and in confusion and distress, then the fruit is bad. You can judge the effectiveness of a person by the fruit they are producing in their life, and you can judge the effectiveness of a minister by the fruit they are producing in their ministry.

Today, always make sure the fruit produced from your life is good first. Do you make a positive impact on people’s lives? Do you turn people to the Lord or leave them hurt and confused? Examine your own fruit first, and then you will be able to properly examine the fruit of those who lead you in the church.